Now Hiring- Position Filled

By |February 7th, 2017|


Dickerson Stills & Motion and Surf Alaska are hiring an office manager to start part-time at 15 hours/week.

We are looking forward to finding the right person to support businesses at the back end, taking a leadership role in their day to day management from our home office.

Tasks will include general studio management, website maintenance, content management & creation, marketing, social media, ordering & inventory and more.

Please check out the full job-description here and contact us for more information or to deliver your resume and set up an interview.

Update 2/5/2017: Position  filled. Stay tuned to meet our new office manager. Thanks to all who reached out to us about this. It was a great process meeting so many talented applicants.

Salmon Seining in Sepia

By |August 9th, 2016|

Commercial fishing in Alaska is where it all started for me. My first camera was mailed general delivery through the USPS to Ketchikan, Alaska. I was there on a commercial fishing boat – Salmon Seiner to be specific – for the summer. I was seeing the most beautiful things and was overcome with a desire to share them. […]

Alaskan winter surf trip on a commercial fishing boat

By |December 31st, 2015|

Digging around in the archive here today I uncovered a fun little adventure from a few years back. I joined a group of surfing buddies on a winter surf trip aboard another friends commercial fishing boat here in Alaska. It was early April, plenty of darkness and snow still hanging around but we were all eager to get out and catch some waves.  I shot a few photos before and after our surf sessions but didn’t let the camera work get in the way of surfing this time around.


The psychology of surfing in Alaska

By |April 16th, 2015|

Why do you surf in Alaska?!
In my search for some better way of answering this question I came across a San Francisco State University study that seemed applicable. Surfing in Alaska is not cheap, easy, or normal, but we love it and without a doubt, it makes us happy. Look at Mike in the photo above. He’s not just smiling because he was handed a cold beer after surfing in the snow for a couple hours.  […]

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Cineflex vs drone comparison

By |March 16th, 2015|

You can’t hardly think about aerial video without some drone buzzing through the background of your mind these days. So what’s the deal? If you can capture smooth aerial video from a drone who needs the big helicopter and cineflex anymore?

As both a cineflex operator and owner of a couple drones myself maybe I can help you decide which is best for your next project. The same thinking applies if you are considering a different helicopter mounted aerial video system such as the shotover, wescam, gyrostabilized systems (GSS) etc. . […]