Bristol Bay Photo Exhibit

I’m honored to announce the opening of a collaborative art exhibit between my favorite sculpturist, Maygen Jannetta, and myself. The opening celebration is 5-7pm Friday, April 15th at the Pratt Museum in Homer, Alaska. If you can’t join us then, don’t worry the exhibit will be on display until June 26th, 2011.

I’ll post some more photos and background on this project shortly, for now here is my artist statement for the exhibit:

Bristol Bay is an expansive region that encompasses a remarkable variety of ecosystems. This natural diversity sustains an unfathomable abundance of wildlife. I consider myself one of a fortunate few to have glimpsed a small slice of the natural wonders in this region.

Bristol Bay cradles innumerable stories of nature alive in its most primal […]

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Aerial and air to air photoshoot for NY Times

Air to Air aerial photo of a Homer Air Cessna 206 bushplane over the Kenai Mountains.

When traveling in the ‘lower 48’ states one thing that has always surprised me is how the roads just seem to stop at nothing. Driving through the national parks especially I can hardly believe the places you can go without stepping out of the car – thinking especially of Glacier National Park and Yosemite. Those roads etched into the cliffs winding up and down the mountains.  Arguably there are some impressive feats of road building in Alaska too. But for me, I’ll always try and find a way to glide past the peaks in the air before I beat my subaru up on some potholed gravel road through the mountains.

A bushplane flying past the end of the road in Homer, Alaska.


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Exxon Valdez oil spill – 20 years later. More photos.

A couple weeks ago I posted a very brief note about a photo shoot I had just completed in Prince William Sound, Alaska documenting the crude oil that is still present on the beaches there. This was done on assignment for the World Wildlife Fund who is working to bring attention to the sad fact that 20 years after the oil was spilled, 19 years after the cleanup was ‘completed’, this toxic substance is still there, still contaminating this particularly beautiful environment.

Twenty years is a long time.
I got to thinking about this.

The place where we photographed and collected some of this oil was several feet below the high tide mark. Every twelve hours the ocean rises up to high tide and washes that beach, sometimes […]

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Photo in Patagonia winter catalog

Two weeks before I actually saw it myself, I started to hear about this photo which came out in the Patagonia winter catalog. It’s been fun hearing from friends, both close and distant, who were excited to stumble across the photo.

For those unfamiliar with the Patagonia catalog legacy I’ll tell you a little about it. Basically, it’s a product catalog for an outdoor adventure apparel manufacturer. But instead of just filling the pages with photos of the products, the focus is on portraying the lifestyle that the products are created for. Drawing from adventure photographers worldwide, the editors are consistently able to produce catalogs with such inspiring images that many of us keep old copies in our shelves right alongside favorite magazines. In a recent […]

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Bristol Bay photos on ad truck

The annual Alaska Federation of Natives Convention recently took place in Anchorage, Alaska. This event brings Alaskan natives from all over the state to Anchorage for a weekend. The non-profit Renewable Resources Coalition wanted to share a few messages with the attendees.

Kevin Co of Frontier Media Arts was tasked with developing the campaign just days before the event. The project in his own words :
“We decided that this would be a great time to use non-traditional media, so I called up the folks at Mobile Ad Alaska to see if we could rent out their truck. What we ended up with what can best be described as a mobile 10 sided billboard that could be moved around to target different flows of people throughout the […]

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