Sledding teens

There is no denying it, spring is on its way. Though the days are longer now, they seem to go by ever faster. I had plans for a photo shoot on a crabber in the Bering Sea for this week, last minute the plans fell through for lack of accident insurance arrangements. That was Monday, I thought I’d have a nice slow week in the office to get lots done. Wrong. One quick flurry, and it’s Friday!

If you want to savor the days of your life, I would suggest occupying yourself with a job you don’t enjoy. This life of following your passions and doing work that you love is looking to be a speedy slip-n-slide to old age. A couple weeks ago I found out that an entire year had snuck by unaccounted for! Somehow my twenty-fourth birthday came and went, and I have spent this entire year thinking that I am twenty-three. I guess subconsciously I wasn’t ready to be so old and wise just yet. Or, perhaps I didn’t want to face the fact that I had missed my chance to reach photography fame at the age of twenty-three. The biggest problem I’m faced with now is there’s just a couple short months left to conquer the world as a tweny-four year old. Maybe I’ll just apply for another extension.

Several great photo shoots have transpired in the last five weeks since I posted aerial photos of an Alaskan bush plane (Thank you pilots Charlie Parsons and Bill Roberts). I’ll be posting a few photos from recent shoots on the blog soon, along with some other exciting news from here at HQ.

The photo at top is Emma Laukitis and Marin Lee sledding. It represents following your dreams, or maybe better said – careening down hill on something slippery, like a dream.

Finally, a reminder to all Alaska residents: Remember to apply for your permanent fund dividend. I forgot to last year (like I forgot my age) – Though I surely deserved it, no free money for me.