Long-time client Dibble Creek Rock contracted Scott to create a website for their new division Alaska Marine Excavation (AKMX), which specializes in hydraulic suction dredging. AKMX chose Scott to produce images illustrating their services and a website with a modern design that matched their level of professionalism and service.

AKMX’s new websites serves as a place to refer potential clients for examples of work and testimonials from past clients as the company pursues high-dollar contracts. The website communicates to clients the high-quality of their work, so they know they have placed their confidence in the right people.

Using photographs he took of past and current projects, Scott designed AKMX ‘s new website and oversaw the creation of a logo for the new business division.

“A big part of it is figuring out what part of their business translates well into imagery. The industry is confusing to some people — it’s very niche — so figuring out how to best represent their services to potential clients is a challenge,” Scott said. “Their work is hard to get in one picture. There can be a mile of hose sometimes, or some of it is underwater. To people who know the industry that are hiring them, they’ll recognize the machines. The photos illustrate the work that they do and the equipment they use.”

In addition to photos of the heavy machinery at work, Scott included detail photos of the men in action on the job. Showing the people behind the machines gives Alaska Marine Excavation a more personable feel. Their clients know they are hiring people dedicated and experienced in the job, not faceless equipment.