I’m honored to announce the opening of a collaborative art exhibit between my favorite sculpturist, Maygen Jannetta, and myself. The opening celebration is 5-7pm Friday, April 15th at the Pratt Museum in Homer, Alaska. If you can’t join us then, don’t worry the exhibit will be on display until June 26th, 2011.

I’ll post some more photos and background on this project shortly, for now here is my artist statement for the exhibit:

Bristol Bay is an expansive region that encompasses a remarkable variety of ecosystems. This natural diversity sustains an unfathomable abundance of wildlife. I consider myself one of a fortunate few to have glimpsed a small slice of the natural wonders in this region.

Bristol Bay cradles innumerable stories of nature alive in its most primal form. Of particular interest to me is the way that humans are finding their place in this meshwork of life.  My desire is that viewing the photographs and sculptures will give you an opportunity to develop your own personal connection with the Bristol Bay region.

In composing photographs I aspire to share a compelling story in an artistic way. I hope the images entice your attention and share with you their stories.

I would like to thank Maygen for inviting me to share this exhibit with her, I’m honored to show my photographs alongside her sculptures. These  images could not have been created without the help of countless friends during my visits to Bristol Bay, thank you. A special thanks to my friend and pilot Brad Heil whom I’ve shared well over 100 hours of airtime with in Bristol Bay. He was always willing to go back around one more time for the another shot.

Thanks to the World Wildlife Fund for their ongoing efforts to preserve the natural, cultural and economic heritage of Bristol Bay in sensible and practical ways. And, for their much appreciated financial help framing the photographs.