Helisurfing in Alaska

Helisurfing. There’s a word I’ve been thinking about for a while. Just sounds nice. Finally had a chance to do more than just think about it yesterday. Thanks to Jeff Hoke and the Chugach Powder Guides for making this come together. Laying in bed catching up on some sleep from our recent travels down under, Jeff called and said we might have a chance for a helisurf trip. I had been watching the swell and knew this would be good opportunity to live the dream so the scramble began.Two of hours getting boards, wetsuits, booties, mittens etc. together for everyone stuffing everything in the Suby and I was off on the 3.5hr drive over to Seward.

The guys landed in the helicopter just a few minutes after I arrived. The skiing hadn’t been too great that day so the two kiwi surfers (Mike and Jamie) were game for some more action despite the rainy gray weather here at sea level. Wetsuits fitted, we loaded the helicopter up, strapped the boards on and headed out for a short evening session at Bear Glacier. Nice waves and a few angry sea lions were there waiting for us.

Check out the slideshow below for a full photo report from the trip.