I love taking photos. It seems to be a never ending source of inspiration and excitement for me. After the sun sets, the memory cards are full, and the shooting is over I’m often still excited, still buzzing with the energy created by this overwhelming photography obsession. Through this blog I hope to share this energy with you, because honestly, I’m not sure what else to do with it.

If you are interested in photography and after looking at my photos you are interested in the person behind the lens, and might even dare to explore what goes on in that person’s mind, this blog will satisfy your curiosity.

I invite you to join me, a 23 year old freelance photographer, in a bit of adventure through cyberspace. You can subscribe to my RSS feed or enter your email in the top right of this page and each new post will be emailed to you. If you aren’t familiar with RSS and the benefits it provides read about it here. I just started subscribing to RSS feeds in February ’07 and I’m hooked. I use the google reader and am very happy with it.

This blog is to share, so if you have questions or comments please don’t hold back. You can send me a note through my contact form.