Two years ago almost to the day I put a ‘temporary’ website online so that I could spend some time creating a site I would be proud of. Well two years is not what I would call temporary, but I’m excited to be writing on the blog of my new website which just went online today- March 19th, 2007. I welcome any comments on the site, especially ways to make it more enjoyable and user friendly for you, my esteemed visitors.

The mission for this website is to show you my photography, enable you to learn about me, and share some of the enthusiasm I have for photography and the subjects of my images. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a blog on here, but as I’ve looked at other blogs and learned about the technology and potential it was clear I couldn’t resist.

The site was designed after looking at literally hundreds of photographers’ websites while mentally logging likes/dislikes. The two main goals were for the design to be as clean as possible, and for the structure to invite growth.

If you are a nerd or aspiring to be one, here are the techy details of the site:
I use Adobe Illustrator to create the design elements, iView Media Pro to export the photo galleries through a very customized template, any photo retouching is done in Adobe photoshop, the site is assembled and published through Dreamweaver. The blog is a wordpress installation, with a drastically modified cutline theme by Chris Pearson. I’ve signed up with feedburner to deliver my rss and email feeds.