Dreams of flight at the Alaska Aviation Trade Show 2008After first hearing about the Alaska Airmen’s aviation trade show last year I looked forward to attending this spring. Last month I attended, photographed, and had a booth at the show. With such a concentration of aviation types and businesses, it was a good opportunity for me to get to know the aviation market for photography in Alaska a little better.

The event is all about aviation with lots of airplanes on display ranging from historical and modern military aircraft, helicopters, cargo jets, sea planes, experimental bush planes, and private jets. Dick Rutan tells the story of his non-stop flight around the world in voyager IAlong with the airplanes is a hangar full of manufacturers and dealers of aviation supplies displaying their wares. As a bit of an aviation nut myself I really enjoyed the weekend there in the hangar chatting with other flying enthusiasts and oogling over all the fancy toys that make my cameras look cheap for a change!

A highlight of the show was hearing Dick Rutan tell the story of his non-stop flight around the world in Voyager I, an aircaft designed by his brother Burt Rutan.

A few photos from the weekend: