Scott Dickerson Alaska surf photo in The Surfer's Journal

This month has broght more than just the beginning of our real surf season in Alaska it appears – Alaskan waves are hitting the magazine racks as well. Within days of Alaska Magazine releasing their issue with the cover photo of Mike McCune surfing on a particularly cold day last winter, I received a copy of volume seventeen, Number Five of The Surfer’s Journal magazine containing an article about cold weather surfing: Baby, It’s Cold – Surfing in the age of neoprene, written by Sam George and illustrated by a handful of photographers including yours truly. If you are interested in surfing and haven’t seen a copy of The Surfer’s Journal, I highly recommend getting your hands on one. It’s an incredibly beautiful magazine with an amazing print job and very very little advertising to filter through.

The photo above has been getting a lot of attention so I thought it would be fun to share a few other images from that same day, March 6th, 2007.  A day to remember.  One of 2007’s best surf sessions combined with a stunning winter day, beautiful green water, nice winter backlighting, ice covered beach foreground and a snow covered mountain backdrop. I can’t wait.

Alaskan surfer Ty Gates walks through chunks of ice on the beach.

Photo of Alaskan surfer Gart Curtis surfing during the icy winter in Homer, Alaska.

Photo of ice packed against the beach at a surf break in Homer, Alaska during winter.

That wasn’t exactly what we had at the beach today, thought I did manage to catch a few nice waves in the four hours I was paddling around in the storm surf.

You can see more Alaskan surfing photos here. And if you want more, I have a couple hundred alaska surf photos online in my stock archive.