Aerial photo of a school bus on the Homer Spit, Homer, Alaska.

This post contains a selection of interesting photos from a recent aerial photoshoot from my powered paraglider (paramotor). I launched in the morning from the Homer Spit in Homer, Alaska and flew across Kachemak Bay for about 45 minutes of flying around the mountains before returning to the spit. A fellow paramotorer, Bruce Petska, joined me on the morning flight and now you can take a little visual tour yourself. Enjoy.

Aerial photo of the Homer Spit, Alaska.

Fishing boats leaving the Homer Harbor round the tip of the spit.

Bruce Petska flying his paramotor across Kachemak Bay from the Homer Spit.

Aerial photo of Gull Island bird rookery

Gull Island bird rookery

Tidal flats in China Poot bay aka McKeon Flats.

Aerial photo of dead trees from earthquake

Dead trees along the edge of McKeon flats.

aerial of the wosnesenski river

The Wosnesenski River valley leads into the Kenai Mountains

turquoise water aerial photo

Turquoise water in a pool on the Wosnesenski River.

paramotoring over the kenai mountains in alaska

Bruce Petska flying his paramotor over the Kenai Mountains.

Paramotor pilot with gopro hd

Filming with the GoPro hd video camera while flying.

Aerial photo of kayaks on the beach

Sea kayaks on the beach in Otter Cove

aerial photo of bear tracks in snow

Bear tracks through the spring snow on a mountain ridge.

Aerial photo of condos on the Homer Spit beach in Alask

Condos on the tip of the Homer Spit

Aerial of crab fishing pots

Crab fishing pots stacked on the Homer Spit.