We’ve had what seems like a lot of German attention lately, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it!

Early this winter we were visited by filmmaker Sabrina Hermsen and her crew from ZDF (the German equivalent of PBS, we understand). We had a lot of fun showing them around and managed to get some surf when by all standards there really wasn’t any.

This German TV episode features us and Surf Alaska.  Our appearance begins at 5:47.

In this longer episode Mike McCune of Ocean Swell Ventures and the M/V Milo are featured as well, although the surf is noticeably missing. We’re only sorry they didn’t include the post session feast, standard fare on the Milo, that we shared with them. Check it out, starting at 6:49.


Oh yeah, we also wish we knew what they are saying about us!  Did you hear anyone say ‘der spinnt’ (he’s nuts!)?

This fall we were also showing up in German print:

On a more traditional front, Scott’s ever popular aerial bore tide surf shot was featured as a double page spread in a German magazine, Fit for Fun.


And another one that we really wish we could read: a super-cool looking book about Stand-Up Paddling published several SDP photos, including one of Scott surfing (taken by yours truly!).



Yes, this means that Scott is surfing in a book that has Laird Hamilton on the cover.
Tear-Sheets 3