Surfing in the Sky with Alaska Airlines Magazine

If you’re flying through the skies with Alaska Airlines in August, the complimentary copy of Alaska Beyond Magazine in the seat-back pocket contains a surf adventure you don’t want to miss. […]

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Icy Bay IPA Winter Surf Video

Following up on Scott’s work on long-time client Alaskan Brewing’s Icy Bay IPA label, the beer company of the last frontier asked him to produce six videos telling the story of Alaskan Brewing and the lifestyles of those who drink their beer. […]

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Glacier Surfing in Alaska

How to glacier surf: first, stand on the beach in a wetsuit with a surfboard and wait. Watch the tidewater glacier until the relatively warm ocean water against the glacier causes chunks of ice to break away and fall into the ocean — a phenomenon known as calving. […]

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Helicopters, Boats and Bush Planes: Behind the Scenes with Mountain Dew

When a filmmaker for Mountain Dew comes to Alaska for an extreme surf adventure, what do you do? […]

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Surfing on Mars

Surfing in Alaska has an other-worldly feel to it — as if the surfer happened upon another realm or planet. The beach is met by hills, mountains, and glaciers that add to the sense of surrealism. […]

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