Surfing in Alaska has an other-worldly feel to it — as if the surfer happened upon another realm or planet. The beach is met by hills, mountains, and glaciers that add to the sense of surrealism.

Surfers feel the sense of being a part of something bigger — dwarfed in comparison by nature’s beauty and size. The experience of surfing ice-cold waves in Alaska provide a top-of-world feeling, while the waves, mountains, and animal tracks remind us that we humans are but a small part of the earth and all it contains.

There is much to explore and take in on such a trip: the contrast between the high-up, white snowy place, the nearby bright green grass and the blue of the water.

The moment of exhilaration, and maybe slight regret, as you fly through the air and into the ocean without a suit.

As the day ends, the sky casts light on multi-colored rocks as the waves crash against the shore. The remote location feels still and bursting with life all at once.