Sometimes to capture the big picture, focusing on the little things is the best approach. Close-up detail shots provide in-depth information about a place and its mood. The viewer can feel the heat of a day in Troncones, Guerrero, through the lazy eyes of a cat in the warm glow of a photo.

A lipstick-pink rose, its color standing out against the white and tan building, begs to be plucked from its lush green bush and communicates the beauty of a courtyard.

The curve of stairs become art from the right vantage point, following the spiral to the side of the building. The eye then catches the sunlight streaming down, lighting up the edge of the reaching roof.

The viewers can imagine themselves standing below, necks leaning back and eyes squinting, and understanding the building just a little bit better. By photographing details, often thought insignificant to a passerby, from a unique angle, the photographer creates a sense of place.