If you’re flying through the skies with Alaska Airlines in August, the complimentary copy of Alaska Beyond Magazine in the seat-back pocket contains a surf adventure you don’t want to miss.

The magazine asked to feature Scott’s photography along with a first-person story about the experience of surfing in Alaska. Scott chose photos from a surf trip to Yakutat Bay, where the St. Elias mountains loom with snowy peaks over the water. The area is a striking example of the extreme nature of Alaskan surfing.

I interviewed Scott about what it feels like to surf those icy waves. The goal for the story was to capture the moment and all the sensory details in it to give readers a firsthand account of surfing in Arctic waters. Scott relived catching the first wave and talked about the way a surfer loses him or herself in the experience of surfing. No thoughts; just action.

I organized Scott’s thoughts into an article and he edited my surfing language, which often is limited to 70’s surf movie lingo. At the end we had an article that will capture the attention of Alaska Airlines’ mile-high readers, putting them on the surfboard in Yakutat Bay.