Following up on Scott’s work on long-time client Alaskan Brewing’s Icy Bay IPA label, the beer company of the last frontier asked him to produce six videos telling the story of Alaskan Brewing and the lifestyles of those who drink their beer. The videos are used for advertising, such as on Hulu. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing these videos and their stories here on the blog. Today we begin with Icy Bay IPA. The video follows the theme of the label, which features a surfer riding a wave, by telling the story of an Alaska winter surf trip.

Scott used footage of amazing winter surf trips he already had in his archives to paint a picture of the soul of the Icy Bay IPA for the majority of the video. His long-time surf buddies Mike McCune and Don “Iceman” McNamara are seen surfing on the m/v Milo.

He bookended the surfing imagery with shots the beer, first as part of getting ready for the trip and then a bottle with a full glass sitting on a rock as a wave passes through it. The latter scene was shot on the beach at the tip of the Homer Spit.

Many thanks to Dan Redfield with Hybrid Color Films for an incredible editing job.