Returning to the tale of Scott’s Alaskan Brewing videos, the company wanted a video to launch a new beer, named Kicker. The beer’s label features an iconic Alaska skiff, a little red and silver Lund, so Scott set out to tell a story about an adventure that might take place with such a skiff and Kicker.

A man and his trusty dog take a summertime jaunt across the bay in a skiff, which matches the one on the label. The man fishes, watches Alaska wildlife, and then sets up a campfire on the beach where he enjoys a Kicker.

Here’s the kicker: in order to have the video ready to release in the summer, Scott shot the footage in March. For the non-Alaskans out there, March is essentially still winter up here in Homer, Alaska.

“We were trying to make a summertime feel video, which was tricky. We had to shoot where the snow was not featured.”

When a warm-looking, summery-winter day appeared, the group travelled from the Homer Harbor to a beach across the bay where they filmed the campfire scene. Scott rode along in the skiff to film the journey and fishing.

Thanks to Obadiah Jenkins and his dog, who star in the video, Alan Phelps for lending his Lund skiff, and Daniel Zatz for the footage of a humpback whale and a seal. Many thanks to Dan Redfield with Hybrid Color Films for an incredible editing job.