A Beary Fishy Situation

The unpredictability of the Alaska wilderness contributes to its beauty and majesty. One minute you’re sailing through the choppy waters looking at a driftwood-covered shore and a few seagulls, and the next you are greeting a mother bear and her cub. […]

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Capturing Bees in the Act

Summer has arrived in Alaska and brought sunshine and vibrant colors perfect for capturing busy bees. Photographing these tiny, busy bugs as they collect pollen to bring back to their hives takes patience and the right shutter speed. […]

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Catching Salmon Sisters In Their Natural Habitat

Commercial fishing brings Scott back to his roots, so the opportunity to spend five days with the Salmon Sisters fishing the Prince William Sound was more than ideal. […]

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Helicopters, Boats and Bush Planes: Behind the Scenes with Mountain Dew

When a filmmaker for Mountain Dew comes to Alaska for an extreme surf adventure, what do you do? […]

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Under the Warmth of the Mexican Sun

Sometimes to capture the big picture, focusing on the little things is the best approach. Close-up detail shots provide in-depth information about a place and its mood. […]

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