Real smiles naturally

Great, ok, now say cheese, smile and look into the camera. Umm, not quite, how about a real smile? Can you show me a real smile? hmm, how about I throw a snowball in your face that should help.

Trying to talk a smile out of a model isn’t much fun and doesn’t usually work anyhow. That’s one more reason why I love to photograph people in the outdoors doing things they really enjoy. The smiles that you see on a good sledding hill, after a great surf session, while kitesurfing, after a sick snowboard jump, etc., these are the priceless grins. Surfers often call this stoke. When viewing these real smiling moments I find a grin forming on my face too. It’s only natural to […]

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Passion in photography part 2

In my last post, part 1, I went on about how it can be difficult to actually separate your passions from the many things you like in life. Some signs of NOT following your passions reveal themselves in obvious ways.  If you are working on something (a career, towards a goal, a project) and the work feels like a drudgery, mustering the enthusiasm or energy for the work is difficult,  or the work is the means to the goal only. I’d venture to suggest that you are probably not pursuing something you are truly passionate about.

Q: How do you know if you are passionate about a thing?

A 1: The energy, commitment, enthusiasm, and desire to pursue the passion wells up within you spontaneously without effort […]

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Passion in Photography part 1

Passion – An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

The word has never sat quite right with me, though, I continually pursue it in my life. I can barely stand to say it, but I am truly passionate about following my passions. As it turns out, I am in the right business, because when it comes to photography I have passion. According to the thesaurus the following words are synonyms for passion: enthusiasm, eagerness, love, zeal, spiritedness, fascination, obsession, fixation, addiction and preoccupation. check. check. check.

Interestingly, I’ve found that pursuing passion is not particularly easy. It appears there should be nothing easier in life than doing what I have enthusiasm and love for, right? After all, it’s what I love! There are at least two major […]

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Thankful for. . .

I’m not much into the holidays. I remember my distaste for them starting when I was young. Life was going along so merrily then suddenly there was an interruption, an intrusion, a holiday. It was Christmas, I couldn’t just spend the whole day doing whatever I liked. .no this was a ‘special day’ meaning that there were certain things that HAD to be done and most likely my friends HAD to be somewhere doing something as well.

This holiday feels different. I’ve spent the last 4 hours alone in my house working on the computer and thinking about life, especially the photography part of it. I’m working through what could be called a growth phase, spending lots of time trying to define what I want most […]

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Photo in Surfer’s Journal magazine

This month has broght more than just the beginning of our real surf season in Alaska it appears – Alaskan waves are hitting the magazine racks as well. Within days of Alaska Magazine releasing their issue with the cover photo of Mike McCune surfing on a particularly cold day last winter, I received a copy of volume seventeen, Number Five of The Surfer’s Journal magazine containing an article about cold weather surfing: Baby, It’s Cold – Surfing in the age of neoprene, written by Sam George and illustrated by a handful of photographers including yours truly. If you are interested in surfing and haven’t seen a copy of The Surfer’s Journal, I highly recommend getting your hands on one. It’s an incredibly beautiful magazine with […]

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