Surfing a winter blizzard in Cook Inlet, Alaska

Heavy freezing spray warnings come up in marine weather forecasts when the weatherman predicts the spray from waves will be freezing on boats at sea.  Well, boats weren’t the only things encountering heavy freezing spray today on Cook Inlet in South central Alaska.

Mike McCune and Gart Curtis were surfing a heavy shore break near the village of Ninilchik in what the weatherman would certainly qualify as heavy freezing spray conditions. I haven’t edited the photos yet, but couldn’t wait to share this single shot of Mike surfing a vengeful looking wave with chunks of ice strewn across a frozen beach in the foreground. It looks like he’s really close to the beach. And that’s because he is, honestly my heart skipped a beat a few […]

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Nature with people – a work in progress

For several months now I’ve had a photo concept rolling about in my mind.

In words it is something like this: A beautiful image of nature with a secondary element of a person actively engaged in an adventure, fitness, or well being activity. The beauty of nature is the focus, the person is just there enjoying it in a positive way. The motivation for this creative desire comes from my personal love of nature and the adventures enjoyed there. Highlights in my life are usually adventurous moments in inspiring natural settings so this, I suppose, is a way to share that.

Danielle Thompson told me about this beatiful grass field nearby that she had hiked through a few days prior. We went back on a gorgeous December […]

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Surfing Alaska in icy ’09

It’s ten minutes before midnight, maybe I’m having a case of midnight stoke, but I can’t help but share this photo. I jumped on the computer to check email before bed and accidentally glanced over the thumbnails for a recent surf session / photo shoot.  January 5th, 2009. This shot caught my fancy, I hope it does the same for you.

It’s been an unusually cold week for our little seaside town with temps dipping below 0º F at night. Fortunately though, with the cold weather came a few great days of surf after Christmas and into the new year giving us surfers something to really celebrate.

Strange things start happening on the beaches when the thermometer drops like this. Take the above photo for an example.  […]

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News in the new year

The Scott Dickerson photography website is rolling out some updates here in the new year. Looking to the upper right of your browser you’ll see a couple new links in the navigation options – Archive and News.

I’m excited to share the link to my growing online photo archive. This project is still young with only several hundred images online, but it is growing weekly now and I have big plans for its future. The main focus with the archive right now is editing photos from my work in Bristol Bay and getting them online. Stay tuned, lots more to come including online print ordering and rights licensing options. The archive, powered by photoshelter, has also proven to be a great help working with clients on […]

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Merry Christmas – may you stomp the landing.

When I called Paul Bacher to get an update on the snowboarding conditions yesterday he said they were just about ready to light the christmas tree. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, but soon there I was climbing around in this little tree stringing lights as Paul and Aaron packed out the runway, poured water on the jump to firm it up, and got the generator ready for lights, camera, action.

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