As mentioned in my recent post, I’m working with the fine folks at Alaskan Brewing this year. The first major project was the labeling for their new beer just released last week – Icy Bay IPA.  Check out this release video we made below. And more info about the beer here on their site.

Special thanks to JGS Concepts, Ocean Swell Ventures, Frederick Dickerson and musician Mike McCarthy for helping with the video production. 

The Icy Bay IPA is a replacement for Alaskan Brewing’s original IPA with the green label that featured a painting of a surfer (reportedly Doc Renneker) riding a wave in Yakutat, Alaska. They wanted to move from the illustration style to real photographs and I am honored to have been their choice of photographer not only for the label photos but also advertising images for the new beer. The photo below was an 11×13 inch signed print that was mailed out with press kits for the beer release.

Surfing Yakutat, Alaska

The key photograph they chose, much to my amusement, is actually my brother Frederick surfing a wave in Yakutat, Alaska with St. Elias towering in the background. The image was taken on Thanksgiving day during an unforgettable journey across the gulf of Alaska. We surfed our way from Sitka to Homer in the middle of winter aboard the m/v Milo. You can join us on this adventure through the film that Frederick and Matt McNeil created from the trip – Alaska Sessions.

It’s not too hard to imagine that Frederick was pretty excited. There it is, his favorite photo of all time memorialized in such a place of honor!

The beer is just hitting stores now in the 16 states that Alaskan Brewing is distributed in. Keep an eye out for Frederick, he’ll probably be in your area soon taking photos of his new favorite beer in interesting places, and introducing himself, and his beer, to strangers. (I have to tease him, he’s my brother you know?)