Commercial fishing in Alaska is where it all started for me. My first camera was mailed general delivery through the USPS to Ketchikan, Alaska. I was there on a commercial fishing boat – Salmon Seiner to be specific – for the summer. I was seeing the most beautiful things and was overcome with a desire to share them. Words in the diary were not cutting it anymore. Painting was an embarrassment and also felt like an injustice to the natural spectacles. So I ordered a SLR film camera.

Fast forward about 15 years and I’m still spending some time on commercial fishing boats with my camera. And loving it! I had the pleasure of doing just that with the Salmon Sisters this summer in Prince William Sound. I was scanning through the photos and noticed a few shots from one afternoon that all had a certain feel. They all feel a little timeless to me I suppose. So here they are in Sepia. There’s too many photos to do a trip edit, and I don’t have time right now so I hope you enjoy this little selection!