Glacier Surfing in Alaska

How to glacier surf: first, stand on the beach in a wetsuit with a surfboard and wait. Watch the tidewater glacier until the relatively warm ocean water against the glacier causes chunks of ice to break away and fall into the ocean — a phenomenon known as calving. […]

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Kenai Fjords Wildlife Tour

Scott spent a couple days on a boat in Kenai Fjords National Park photographing landscapes and wildlife, which exists in abundance there. After sorting through the resulting several thousand images, a dozen stood out as his favorites. […]

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Anchorage Lifestyle Photo Shoot, Part Deux: Biking

Following the sunrise run, Scott’s intrepid models hopped on their bikes and went for another loop around the Westchester Lagoon in Anchorage. As it turns out, to portray an active lifestyle, one actually has to be quite active. […]

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Anchorage Lifestyle Photo Shoot: Sunrise Run

Scott set out to portray an active Anchorage lifestyle one early April morning. Since the goal was to catch the sunrise as the three models ran along Westchester Lagoon, they were earlier than most early birds even like to be. […]

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A Kuhl Clothing Story

A search for the perfect pants led Scott to a photoshoot for an outdoor brand that keeps design and functionality in mind. […]

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