Scott set out to portray an active Anchorage lifestyle one early April morning. Since the goal was to catch the sunrise as the three models ran along Westchester Lagoon, they were earlier than most early birds even like to be.

Scott worked to get the most out of the available light from the sunrise, playing with the intensity of the sun’s light and how it could be incorporated in the photo. A current trend in photography, perhaps an ante up from trend of using intense sun flares, is including a lot of sun in the frame of a photo.

The shoot focuses on creating imagery that depicted a healthy life, so the run was only first among a docket of activities that day. This and the ephemeral nature of sunrise meant that Scott needed to take the maximum amount of shots during a short window of time. Since there was no particular client in mind, Scott had the freedom to experiment with different vantage points.

“On a stock shoot, I am the client but I am also thinking of what a potential licenser might want. I focused on the emotional quality of the images since the ideal use will be advertising and advertising is about emotion.”