A search for the perfect pants led Scott to a photoshoot for an outdoor brand that keeps design and functionality in mind. Fed up with having to choose between pants made for outdoor adventure but lacked style or stylish pants that couldn’t keep up in extreme conditions, Scott asked a commercial fisherman during a shoot about the pants he was wearing. The fisherman replied enthusiastically, “I”m obsessed with these pants; they’re my all time favorites!”

So of course, with a response like that, Scott checked out the brand Kuhl (pronounced “cool”) and their intriguing pants, and understood the fisherman’s enthusiasm. In addition to fitting well and functioning well on outdoor adventures, Kuhl’s clothing is made with aesthetics in mind, so they are more stylish than most outdoor clothing products.

Scott’s favorite feature on the men’s pants is the stealth cell phone pocket that allows the wearer to carry their phone on the outside of their thigh instead of in the front or back pocket. The pocket solves the problem of the phone being uncomfortable to sit with or hard to reach when sitting, as well as preventing it from falling out of a pocket.

“It’s brilliant. You’re always carrying your phone around, it makes sense that your pants should be designed for that function.”

Kuhl is all about how freedom of movement contributes to free will. They design clothes that allow the wearer to be comfortable while engaging in theĀ challenging environments of outdoor sports. Scott chose winter fat biking as an activity that showcases how Kuhl’s clothing functions as “good for the mountain, and good for town.” A person could wear the same outfit to work and then hop on their bike to trek across the snow, and be comfortable in both situations.

Since a person can’t just throw on sweats and a t-shirt while biking in the winter, the extreme conditions of fat biking during this season show how Kuhl’s clothes let a person move while being comfortable and protected in chilly conditions.

“It fits the brand, the ethos of outdoor adventure and clothing made for a challenging environment.”