When Scott photographs surfing and other water-sport adventures, he is most likely working in tandem with one or two other companies — Surf Alaska and Ocean Swell Ventures.

Often clients looking to produce media about surfing in Alaska find Surf Alaska, the authority on hanging ten in the great white north, first and contact Scott about his photography and filming services from there. Since boats are the best way to get to quality waves in Alaska, the client then finds themselves aboard Ocean Swell Venture’s boat, the Milo.

Surfer Mick Fanning on a jumps off the m/v Milo into Alaska waters.

Regardless of how it exactly happens, these three companies have overlapped and intermingled to create opportunities for companies like Rip Curl, Patagonia, Red Bull, and Naish to showcase their brandsalongside the striking scenery of Alaska. Scott’s knowledge of surfing in what may seem to some to be inclement waters and his experience producing photos and video in those situations prove valuable to clients who wish to incorporate Alaska’s wild nature into their marketing. Where else can surfers ride undiscovered waves with snow-capped mountains looming in the background?

Mick Fanning waits for waves on a surf trip with Ocean Swell Ventures.

“Surfing in Alaska is fascinating. The best time of year is the spring, when the mountains are still covered in snow. The fall is nice because the conditions are a little better and there is some snow on the mountains, it’s my favorite, but it’s still not as aesthetically striking as the spring.”

In Rip Curl’s case, it was a situation where all three companies worked together seamlessly. A surf magazine editor who knew of Scott’s reputation for Surf Alaska went on an Ocean Swell Venture surf trip. The editor later recommended it to an associate of Australian professional surfer and three-time ASP World Champion Mick Fanning. Fanning, who is sponsored by Rip Curl, was taking a break from touring after a close call with a shark in 2015 and decided to go up to Alaska with his friend Mason Ho.

Their northern exposure adventure was photographed and filmed as part of the rejuvenation of Rip Curl’s “The Search” campaign.

MIck Fanning rides a wave during his Alaska surf trip.

Scott talked to Rip Curl about their goals for the trip to ensure that they would walk away with the photos and video that they wanted, in addition to the surfers having a memorable surfing experience. He acted as a liaison between Rip Curl and Ocean Swell Ventures so that the Milo was available to them as they needed it, and advised Rip Curl’s production team on what to expect. Scott’s experience as a photographer in Alaska allowed him to prepare the team to take photos in the chilly waters. Scott also took photos and video alongside Rip Curl’s team. In the end, Rip Curl walked away with photos and video telling the story of Fanning and Ho’s search for surf in Alaska.