Under the Warmth of the Mexican Sun

Sometimes to capture the big picture, focusing on the little things is the best approach. Close-up detail shots provide in-depth information about a place and its mood. […]

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An Authentically Alaskan Company

When Scott works with a company to photograph their products, the approach he takes is shaped by the company’s story and message. Telling the story of a brand is different for each project Scott takes on. […]

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Bringing a Brand to Life: Winterlake Lodge

When a company hires Scott to produce photos for them, his job is more than taking professional-quality images with his camera. Just as a writer has a specific voice, a company’s brand has a certain feel — an aesthetic — that can be visually communicated by a discerning photographer. […]

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From First to Last Light: Capturing Adventure at Winterlake Lodge

Scott arrived at Winterlake Lodge in southcentral Alaska in late March with three days to capture its essence — outdoor excursions, indoor relaxation, award-winning food and breathtaking scenery. In short, there was much to shoot and no time to waste. […]

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Salmon Seining in Sepia

Commercial fishing in Alaska is where it all started for me. My first camera was mailed general delivery through the USPS to Ketchikan, Alaska. I was there on a commercial fishing boat – Salmon Seiner to be specific – for the summer. I was seeing the most beautiful things and was overcome with a desire to share them. […]

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